The Chapel | Our Pastor
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Our Pastor

The Sharp Family

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, which means I am a baseball fan and have no accent. At least that is what we like to believe in the Ohio Valley. The accent starts on the other side of the Ohio River in Kentucky.


My childhood was one that many wished they had. Loving parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, getting together as much as possible for simple backyard picnics and meals. There was Little League baseball, church, backyard baseball, youth group, watching baseball, school band concerts…you get the idea. I didn’t know then what I know now…I was tremendously blessed.


My salvation experience was kneeling at a wooden pew (okay, maybe the seat was padded) when I was 7 years old, as my mother asked if I wanted to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. I did…and I did. I was Baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit on the same day when I was 16 years old.


With no intention of being in church ministry, I ended up at Southeastern Bible College (now a University) in Lakeland, FL. What can I say…the poster showed palm trees, sunshine and the beach. Not like Cincinnati. God knew what He was doing. It was there I was led into church ministry, and eventually met my beautiful wife, Tamara.

Tamara is not just a pretty face, however. She is the best singer and worship team member I have ever known, and is also very gifted in leading Bible studies. (I know! I am blessed!) We spent a dozen or so years in music ministry until the Lord, in His mysterious ways, led us to do something we never planned on doing. Church planting.


So in 1999, with a son just over a year old, a new house being built, with no denominational support, no core group, and having given up a decent paying position, we stepped out in faith and began this new church. (Where was ARC then?) Our son, Andrew, helped us set up a portable church as a little kid, served in many other ways, became one of our main worship leaders, and is now in college preparing for his own journey in church ministry.


It has been a tremendous journey for the Sharps, watching this church family go from messianic synagogue to party room to skating rink to movie theater, and finally to our own facility, all the while seeing more people join the fun! Through all the ups and downs, we are doubly blessed to pastor this awesome family of God!


We would love to meet you! Just don’t expect some stuffy family that seems to always have it together. We are just a real family, serving a real God, leading a church of real people. Come one day and check it out!