The Chapel | MARK
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Mark 1:1 ”Here Begins The Good News“

Mark 1:1-11 ”Prepare The Way“

Mark 2:18 thru 3:6 “Religious Traditions”

Mark 3:7-19 “The Twelve”

Mark 3:20-30 “Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit”

Mark 3:31-35 “True Family Of Jesus”

Mark 4:1-20 “The Parable Of The Seed”

Mark 4:21-25 “Parable Of The Lamp”

Mark 4:26-34 “A Little Mustard Seed”

Mark 4:35-41 “Peace In The Storm”

Mark 5:1-20 “Demons And Pigs”

Mark 5:21-43 “The Pastor And The Outcast”

Mark 6:1-13 “Jesus Goes Home”

Mark 6:14-29 “Keep Your Head”

Mark 6:30-44 “Over 5000 Served”

Mark 6:45-52 “Swimming Upstream”

Mark 6:53 thru 7:23 “Religion Or Relationship”

Mark 7:24-30 “Good Answer”

Mark 7:31-37 “Spiritually Deaf”

Mark 8:1-21 “Don’t You Understand Yet? “

Mark 8:22-30 “I Once Was Blind”

Mark 8:31-38 “Take Up Your Cross”

Mark 9:1-10 “Transformed”

Mark 9:11-13 “All The Elijahs”

Mark 9:14-29 “Coming Down from the Mountain”

Mark 9:30-36 “How To Be First”

Mark 9:36-42 “For or Against”

Mark 9:43-50 “Cut it Out”

Mark 10:1-16 “Divorce and Marriage”

Mark 10:17-31 “Who Can Be Saved?”

Mark 10:32-34 “Awe or Fear”

Mark 10:35-45 “It’s Your Serve”

Mark 10:46-52 “I Want to See”

Mark 11:1-11 “Unleash Your Inner”

Mark 11:12-14 “Leaves or Fruit”

Mark 11:15-19 “Forgiveness for Sale”

Mark 11:20-25 “Believe and Receive”

Mark 11:27-33 “A Question of Authority”

“Wicked Farmers”

Mark 12:13-27 “Dishonest Questions”

Mark 12:28-37 “An Honest Question

Mark 12:38-44 “Pretending to be Pious”

Mark 12:41-44 “The Might of a Mite”

Mark 13:1-2 “The Tent of Meeting”

Mark 13:3-5 “Only One Messiah”

Mark 13:7-8 “Wars Earthquakes and Famines”

Mark 13:9-11 “A Great Opportunity “

Mark 13:12-13 “Enduring To The End

Mark 13:14-37 “End of the Age”

Mark 14:1-9 “One Thing Needed”

Mark 14:10-11 “Judas Iscariot”

Mark 14:12-21 “Am I the One”

Mark 14:22-25 “Blessed Broken and Poured Out”

Mark 14:26-31 “Betrayers Deserters Deniers”

Mark 14:32-41 “Your Will Be Done”

Mark 14:43-72 “Am I I Am”

Mark 15:1-20 “Give Us Barabbas”

Mark 15:21-47 “Paid In Full”

Mark 15:42 thru 16:7 “A Manger A Cross and A Tomb”

Mark 16:8-20 “Go”